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A Tale Lyrics from Dawn FM: is latest English song sung by The Weeknd with music is also given by himself while A Tale By Quincy song lyrics penned down by The Weeknd

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A Tale Lyrics

Looking Back Now
I Didn’t Know What It Was Supposed To Be
And It’s Like Raising Kids, Man
If You Weren’t Raised, They Don’t Know How To Raise
You Know?

I Just Did The Best That I Could With Them
Because They Know Fuckin’ Well I Love Them
But I Didn’t Do The Best I Could
I Didn’t Know What The Fuck I Was Doing
I Didn’t

I Will Never Forget Watching My Mother
Get Put In A Straightjacket And Taken Out Of My Home
When I Was Only Seven Years Old
She Was Diagnosed With Dementia Praecox
And Put In A Mental Institution Leaving My Daddy Alone With Me And My Little Brothеr Lloyd

I Later Had An Evil Stepmothеr
Who Further Cemented The Idea That
I Didn’t Need A Mother
Growing Up Without One Had Long Lasting Impressions
I Didn’t Fully Understand Until Much Later In Life
It Bled Into My Relationships With Family And Those
I Had Became Romantically Involved With
Whenever I Got Too Close To A Woman, I Would Cut Her Off
Part Of That Was Vindictive And Partially Based On Fear But It Was Also Totally Subconsious
Looking Back Is A Bitch Innit

Written by: The Weeknd
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A Tale Song Info:

Song: A Tale
Album: Dawn FM Album All Songs Lyrics, List & Video
Singer(s): The Weeknd
Musician(s): The Weeknd
Lyricist(s): The Weeknd
Label(©): The Weeknd

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