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Churma Lyrics English Translation; is the latest Haryanvi song performed by Ndee Kundu and Upasna Gahlot, featuring Pranjal Dahiya. The lively music for this track is provided by Bamboo Beat, with composition by Ndee Kundu. The skillfully written lyrics are also by Ndee Kundu. Directed by Mohan Betaab, the music video has been released under the banner of Ndee Kundu. Get Churma Song Information

Churma Lyrics English Translation - Ndee Kundu

Make churma and feed it to me with your hands,, Win my heart with your sweet talks., I will agree to everything you say,, Even if you tell me day is night..
You have a sweet tooth, i’ve realized., I asked for an anklet, but you refused me bluntly., It’s my turn now, all expenses come to your mind, You ended up spending all of your own savings.
I’ve given up smoking hookah for you,, Your eyes intoxicate me more than anything., People go on world tours,, But i will take you straight to the moon..
You seem like a shop of lies,, You don’t pay attention to me., You are stingy and selfish,, I’ve heard that’s what boys like you are like..
Your friends speak the truth,, You are as precious as my mother and as lucky., My big brother like weapons,, Your presence makes me feel strong..
I got good in-laws,, Two lovely brothers-in-law like kids., A father-in-law like my dad, and a mother-in-law i adore,, I got 100 out of 100 in everything..
I won’t let your feet touch the ground,, I will keep you on a pedestal., For you, ndee is always ready,, People throw money while singing your praises..
I will heal all your pain,, Hold you close and make you feel loved., I will take care of you with affection,, And shower you with all my love..
God has given us a heavenly life,, Shining bright in the name of my parents., You will be the daughter-in-law of ram singh’s family,, I will bring you to my village in haryana after our wedding..
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Churma Lyrics English Translation – Ndee Kundu

Churma Song Info:

Song: Churma
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