Fe!N Lyrics – Travis Scott

Fe!N Lyrics by Travis Scott: is latest English song from the highly anticipated UTOPIA album, sung by Travis Scott with music is given by Travis Scott while Fein song lyrics also written by Jacques Webster, Jordan Carter, Khadimou Fall & Jahaan Sweet. Get Fe!N Song Information

Fe!N Lyrics

Just come outside for the night yeah, Take your time get your light yeah, Shawty giant huh-uh, I been out geekin’ bitch!.
Fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n-fe!n fe!n yeah, Fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n-fe!n fe!n yeah, Fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n-fe!n fe!n, Fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n yeah...
The career’s more at stake, When you in your prime at stake, Fuck that paper baby, My face on the dotted line dot, yeah, I been flyin’ out of town for some peace, Of mind yeah yeah bitch.
It’s like always they just, Want a peace of mind, I been focused on the future, Never on right now, But i’m sippin’ not kombucha, Either pink or brown it’s lit, I’m the one that introduced you, To the you right now mm let’s go.
Oh my god that bitch bad that bitch bad, But alright alright tryna vibe tryna vibe like this, In the night come alive, Ain’t asleep ain’t a ain’t a ain’t ain’t ain’t.
Fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n, Fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n, Fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n, Fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n, Fein fein fein fein….
Syrup woah what? what?, Homixide homixide homixide homixide what?, Yeah woah yeah yeah, Homixide homixide homixide homixide yeah, Yeah hol’ up yeah.
Yeah i just been poppin’ my shit, It’s been gettin’ live, hol’ up (shit), Yeah you try to come ’round ’bout this shit, They poppin’ ya tires hol’ up shit, Uh hunnid round woah feel it knock ’em on ten.
Playin’ both sides with these hoes hol’ up, Shawty i’m fuckin’ yo’ friends hol’ up, I been goin’ crazy shawty how, I been handlin’ these bands, She not innocent shit she tryna go.
Fe!n fe!n yeah talm ’bout, Fe!n fe!n fe!n syrup oh oh what?, Fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n syrup, Fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n, Talking ’bout talm ’bout let’s go.
I just been icing my hoes, I just been drippin’, My hoe drippin’ my hoe, This is a whole ‘nother level shawty, I got the hoes on they toes hoes, I put this bitch on the road.
She tryna fuck on the o hol’ up hol’ up, I got this ho with me, She tryna show me sum’ hold up hold up, I got flows for days these niggas, Ain’t know nun’ hol’ up hol’ up.
Me and my bro locked in, You know we on one hol’ up, We in the spot goin’, Crazy ’til the sun up, You worried about ho, That ho done chose us bitch ass, Uh pistols all in the kitchen, Can’t get it to the cold, Uh hol’ up yeah wow.
Fe!n fe!n fe!n hol’, Up hol’ up hol’ up hol’ up yeah...
Why the fuck these niggas, Acting like they know us?, Double o cactus shit, This shit how we told ’em skrrt, skrrt.
Switch out the bag these niggas, Get rolled up it’s lit hol’ up slatt, Everything lit, hol’ up, Everything homixide homixide homixide, Homixide homixide homixide...
Fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n fein, Fe!n fe!n fe!n fe!n fein, Homixide, homixide, homixide, Homixide, homixide, homixide, homixide.
Written by: Jacques Webster,Jordan Carter,Khadimou Fall,Jahaan Sweet
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Fe!N Lyrics - Travis Scott

Fe!N Song Info:

Song: Fe!N
Album: UTOPIA (Album)
Singer(s): Travis Scott
Musician(s): Travis Scott
Lyricist(s): Jacques Webster, Jordan Carter, Khadimou Fall, Jahaan Sweet
Label(©): Travis Scott
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