Filmy Lyrics – Masoom Sharma

Filmy Lyrics Masoom Sharma

Filmy Lyrics by Masoom Sharma ft. Manisha Sharma is latest Haryanvi song with music given by Mavrix. While Filmy song Lyrics are written by Hooda Ghuskani and featuring artists are Hooda Ghuskani, Anjali Raghav and video is released by Sonotek Music.

Updated: March 5, 2021

Filmy Lyrics

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Written by: Hooda Ghuskani

Filmy Music Video

Filmy Song Info:

Song: Filmy
Singer(s): Masoom Sharma, Manisha Sharma
Musician(s): Mavrix
Cast: Anjali Raghav, Hooda Ghuskani
Label(©): Sonotek Music

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Filmy Song - FAQS

Who sung the "Filmy" song?

"Filmy" Song is sung by "Masoom Sharma, Manisha Sharma" .

Who Written the "Filmy" song?

"Filmy" Song Lyrics are written by "Hooda Ghuskani" .

Which Actor/Actress is Starring/featuring "Filmy" song?

"Filmy" Song is Starring/featuring "Anjali Raghav, Hooda Ghuskani" in lead role.

Which Music Company is released "Filmy" song?

"Filmy" Song is Released under the Label " Sonotek Music " .