Gold Blackberry Lyrics – Travis Scott

Gold Blackberry Lyrics BY Travis Scott: is the latest English song from Travis Scott’s highly anticipated UTOPIA album. Travis Scott’s soulful vocals blend seamlessly with the captivating music, brilliantly produced by Tay Keith & Mike Dean. The heartfelt lyrics of Gold Blackberry song, penned by Travis Scott himself, add an intimate touch to the song’s emotional depth.

Fans eagerly anticipate the music video’s premiere on Travis Scott’s official YouTube channel on 28th July 2023. With its evocative visuals, the video promises to complement the essence of “Gold Blackberry” and immerse viewers in a mesmerizing experience.

Gold Blackberry Lyrics - Travis Scott

Gold Blackberry Lyrics

La La LA La La
LA La La La LA
LA La La La LA..

Watchin’ in only one watching in yeah
It ain’t up to you no more More
God Country this is war
Oo oo ooh Oo oo ooh
Oo oo ooh Oo oo ooh

Wakin’ up I see the light
Light light light
I been drunk and it’s alright
‘right right right
I took a drive to clear my mental
Went to the whip but it’s a
bite Bite bite bite
It’s demon time I got it on me On me
Might earn a teardrop overnight
Bought Louis shades to block my psyche Psyche
It’s hot as hell but we’re the ice
You in God’s Country not in Montgomery
Go Ted Bundy then go home and play Al Bundy
The card black and you know it got a sky limit
I make a mill’ every week you decide choice is yours Yeah

The butterfly reflect the doors Yeah
I hit the gas and meta morph
Couldn’t get this shit off credit score
Hunnid’ thousand packed in fans
Got ’em jumpin’ with no hands Hands hands hands
Need more spaces where we jam Jam jam jam
In God’s Country wit’ the fam’ Yeah woah

Ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh
Ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh
La La LA La La
LA La La La LA
LA La La La LA..

Written by: Travis Scott

Gold Blackberry Music Video

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Gold Blackberry Song Info:

Song: Gold Blackberry
Album: UTOPIA (Album)
Singer(s): Travis Scott
Musician(s): Tay Keith, Mike Dean
Lyricist(s): Travis Scott
Label(©): Travis Scott