Hoodie Lyrics – Akull | Shirley Setia

Hoodie Lyrics: The most recent Punjabi track is a collaborative effort between Akull and Shirley Setia. Akull, the composer of the music, has also lent his vocals to the song. The compelling lyrics of “Hoodie” are penned by Mellow D and Akash Chopra. The music video, creatively directed by Diffuni (Akull x Ankit Jayn), adds visual flair to this musical creation. Get Hoodie Song Information

Hoodie Lyrics - Akull

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Written by: Mellow D,Akash Chopra
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Hoodie Lyrics - Akull | Shirley Setia

Hoodie Song Info:

Song: Hoodie
Singer(s): Akull, Shirley Setia
Musician(s): Akull
Lyricist(s): Mellow D, Akash Chopra
Cast: Akull, Shirley Setia
Label(©): VYRL Originals
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