Intro Playa Saturno (Letra) Lyrics – Rauw Alejandro | English Translation

Intro Playa Saturno (Letra) Lyrics from Playa Saturno Album: is latest Spanish song sung by Rauw Alejandro with music is given by Rauw Alejandro while Intro Playa Saturno song lyrics are written by Rauw Alejandro. Get Here English Translation of Intro Playa Saturno Song Get Intro Playa Saturno Song Information

Intro Playa Saturno Letra

Pa’ ella los días soleados casi nunca llegan, Le rompieron el corazón de nadie, nunca nada espera, Su sonrisa se vuelve llanto cuando más nadie la ve, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Tiene días que de su habitación casi ni sale, Aunque le tiran pales, dice que son to’s iguales, Rechazando amores porque piensa, Que es uno y otro otra vez, Que de pendeja la van a coger.
Ya, ya se cansó de sus tristezas, Y con sus lagrimass hizo una playa, Se tiro sin toalla y pa’ allá voy yo.
Eres una de las personas en las que más pienso, Que sepas que yo hago música porque me hace feliz, Pero, también la hago para ti, Para poder acompañarte en cada momento de tu vida, En cualquier estado de animo.
Y en todas esas aventuras, Y experiencias que no se olvidan, Ahí quiero estar, Espero que siempre podamos estar conectados, Así que bienvenidos a playa saturno, Gracias por ser mi fan.
Written by: Rauw Alejandro

Intro Playa Saturno Song Lyrics English Translation

For her, sunny days almost never come, She broke no one’s heart, never expects anything, Her smile turns into tears when no one else sees her, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah|
There are days when she hardly leaves her room, Even though they throw punches at her, she says they’re all the same, Rejecting love because she thinks it’s one and the same again, That she’ll be taken for a fool|
Yeah, she’s tired of her sorrows, And with her tears, she made a beach, She jumped in without a towel, And that’s where I’m going|
You’re one of the people I think about the most, Know that I make music because it makes me happy, But I also make it for you, To be able to accompany you in every moment of your life, In any state of mind, And in all those adventures and experiences that are unforgettable, I want to be there, I hope we can always stay connected, So welcome to Playa Saturno, Thank you for being my fan|
लेखक: Rauw Alejandro
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Intro Playa Saturno (Letra) Lyrics - Rauw Alejandro | English Translation

Intro Playa Saturno Song Info:

Song: Intro Playa Saturno
Album: Playa Saturno
Singer(s): Rauw Alejandro
Musician(s): Rauw Alejandro
Lyricist(s): Rauw Alejandro
Label(©): Rauw Alejandro
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