Mere Ram Lyrics – Vijay Malik | Swati Mishra

Mere Ram Lyrics is freshest Haryanvi track resonates with the soulful vocals of Vijay Malik and Swati Mishra. Makk V crafts the melodious music, creating an enchanting symphony. The heartfelt lyrics are penned by Vijay Malik himself, adding a personal touch to the composition. The music video, presented by VYRL Haryanvi, brings the song to life with captivating visuals. “Mere Ram” is a musical journey that showcases the talent and creativity of the artists, making it a must-listen for Haryanvi music enthusiasts. Get Mere Ram Song Information

Mere Ram Lyrics

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Written by: Vijay Malik
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Mere Ram Lyrics - Vijay Malik | Swati Mishra

Mere Ram Song Info:

Song: Mere Ram
Singer(s): Vijay Malik, Swati Mishra
Musician(s): Makk V
Lyricist(s): Vijay Malik
Cast: Vijay Malik, Swati Mishra
Label(©): VYRL Haryanvi
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