Mocaccino Lyrics English Translation – Aditya A

Mocaccino Lyrics English Translation; showcases the enchanting voices of Aditya A and Madhavi. Harry Arora has masterfully arranged the music, accompanied by heartfelt lyrics penned by Aditya A. Directed by Soumesh Pandey, the music video has been released under the direction of Aditya A. Get Song Information

Mocaccino Lyrics English Translation - Aditya A

When i crack a joke to make her laugh, She doesn’t smile, She looks at me like she could kill me, But i’m not afraid.
She drinks mocaccino, I drink cold water, I told her my entire life.
Everyone listens and asks, Did you say something?, I said nothing, She’s the little bit of company i have, But i’m not grounded.
Ho hooo hoooo.
The first scene of my love story, She’s not in the frame, These useless talks are pointless, She doesn’t listen.
My pocket is empty, I’m no star, She sprinkles oregano, And i give her a little love.
I count stars in her eyes, She doesn’t have time, She’s a little closer to me, But i’m not grounded on earth.
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Mocaccino Lyrics English Translation – Aditya A

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