Modern Jam Lyrics – Travis Scott

Modern Jam Lyrics by Travis Scott: is latest English song from the highly anticipated UTOPIA album, sung by Travis Scott with music is given by himself while Modern Jam song lyrics also written by Travis Scott. Get Modern Jam Song Information

Modern Jam Lyrics

Yeah yeah yeah yeah turn it up, To the maker vibrator, Roof shaker earthquaker, Annihilator yeah.
Baby please get off the ‘gram, I like you better in the stands, I upgrade my only fans, It do or don’t need a cam’, This right here my new modern jam, I’m on fire the new burnin’ man, She paid to view that’s a on demand, Hey guy-man brought him home from france.
This shit punk put it on the bible, I like a bi girl on a bi-cycle, Then i bought a car now she feel entitled, My dick so hard pokin’ like the eiffel.
I just need the world i ain’t hard to please, Way i keep the knowledge think i’m socrates, I got ’em levitatin’ way off their knees, The way i make it jump i make it hard to breathe, It’s like bright tight.
The annihilator forever favor, True upgrader you a shaker, Car breaker.
Baby don’t you know i got to go, Got the glow and it got to show, Know it’s been a year since i seen the road, Had me inside like i’m on parole, I’m outside like i’m on patrol, I hear the zeitgeist now i’m in the zone, You know they say you up when you finally free, It won’t feel right if it’s only me, If you’re scared n**ga say your grace, I got the formula like i own the race, I got the keys with me like i own the place, If these ni**as on top then i’m outta space, I’d rather spend it on you than on uncle sam, Give this shit my all but don’t give a damn, Even in the winter this a summer jam, I told her buckle up ’cause it’s goin’ down, It’s like bright.
Truth breaker heartthrob baby, Feather skater you true raider, Daka doo doo da...
Uh-oh i know you’re lyin’, Outside waitin’ in the line, Gettin’ told one at a time yeah (oh), Uh-oh i know you’re lyin’, Outside waitin’ in the line, Gettin’ told one at a time yeah (oh).
Bounce baby i’m in the buildin’ baby, Do it baby you got my consent baby, Oh this the remix oh this the remix, Before let me in she gotta pat me down, Before let me in she gotta pat me down.
The annihilator, Forever favor.
Written by: Travis Scott
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Modern Jam Lyrics - Travis Scott

Modern Jam Song Info:

Song: Modern Jam
Album: UTOPIA (Album)
Singer(s): Travis Scott
Musician(s): Travis Scott
Lyricist(s): Travis Scott
Label(©): Travis Scott
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