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Padachor Lyrics from Vattam (EP) is a recent Malayalam track sung by Lil Payyan and SA. The music is composed by Mhr, and Ashbin Paulson handled the mix and master. The lyrics for the song are written by Lil Payyan and SA. The music video was released by MHR. Get Padachor Song Information

Padachor Lyrics

Ennen maranj nalaalk nadann, Ellarum paranj niyalle kurunn, Chinthikk kadann ennit kedann, Kedann karanj karanj mayyath kattil meyyn varth.
From all the trouble man my head still is achin’, What’s a doubt that i’m a legend in the makin’, You asked me to get out of the kitchen when i was bakin’, How the hell i am supposed to strip, When i am naked it’s undoable.
Rest in peace to those who will die after me, ‘Cause i won’t be allowed to say goodbye, I want at least a sleep a last chance to make a life, Out the nights i didn’t sleep, I need a back i need the lights of the mornings, My nights are to fall to bed and wake up yawning, Need to know what to do today and stay on it, What’s a canvas if you don’t know what you painted on it, It has less meaning of meaningless let’s be honest, We all spend day from be born to be dead, Ding dong ring bell we didn’t know what’s in there, Life resets like good news wait in there, When the door is open i know i’ve been here.
Ennenne maranj (maranj) nalaalk nadann (nadann), Ellarum paranj (oh..) neeyalle kurunn, Chinthikk kadann ennit kidann, Kedann karanj karanj mayyath kattil maiyyn varth.
Chengayimarokke aar kaanunnille enthe paad, Ummaante kuttik naar duayilundente perra, Nalla perr poyi vaangu, Naale nee vaapaak thang, Mayunnillallo kinaavu kinavil poyente rooh.
Aa aa aa.. music...
Written by: Lil Payyan,SA (Malayalam)
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Padachor Lyrics - Lil Payyan | SA | Mhr

Padachor Song Info:

Song: Padachor
Album: Vattam (EP)
Singer(s): Lil Payyan, SA (Malayalam)
Musician(s): MHR
Lyricist(s): Lil Payyan, SA (Malayalam)
Label(©): MHR
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