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Saturn Returns Interlude Lyrics, the newest inclusion in the Eternal Sunshine album, is a captivating track performed by none other than Ariana Grande. In a testament to her artistic versatility, Ariana not only graces the song with her vocals but also plays a role in crafting the music composition. The poignant lyrics for “Saturn Returns Interlude” bear the personal touch of Ariana Grande herself. For fans eager to experience the visual enchantment, the music video is now available on Ariana Grande’s YouTube channel, adding an extra layer to this musical offering. Get Saturn Returns Interlude Song Information

Saturn Returns Interlude Lyrics - Ariana Grande

When we’re all born, saturn’s somewhere, And the saturn cycle takes around about 29 years, That’s when we gotta wake up and smell the coffee, Because if we’ve just been sort of relying on our cleverness, Or relying, you know, just kind of floating along, Saturn comes along and hits you over the head, Hits you over the head, hits you over the head, and says, wake up.
Aha, it’s time for you to get real about life, And sort out who you really are.
Wake up.. get real.
Written by: Ariana Grande
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Saturn Returns Interlude Song Info:

Song: Saturn Returns Interlude
Album: Eternal Sunshine (Album)
Singer(s): Ariana Grande
Musician(s): Ariana Grande
Lyricist(s): Ariana Grande
Label(©): Ariana Grande
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