Shareef Lyrics – Gitta Bains | Bohemia

Shareef Lyrics, the latest Punjabi song sung by Gitta Bains and Bohemia. The music for this track is provided and composed by Gitta Bains, with Prod Naaz contributing to the musical arrangement. Gitta Bains is also credited as the lyricist for “Shareef.” The music video is directed by Gurw1nder Gill, adding visual flair to this Punjabi musical collaboration. Get Shareef Song Information

Shareef Lyrics

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Written by: Gitta Bains
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Shareef Lyrics - Gitta Bains | Bohemia

Shareef Song Info:

Song: Shareef
Singer(s): Gitta Bains, Bohemia
Musician(s): Prod Naaz
Lyricist(s): Gitta Bains
Cast: Gitta Bains, Bohemia
Label(©): Stylebase Studios
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