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Sooseki Lyrics In English meaning, the latest Telugu track from the movie “Pushpa 2,” features vocals by Shreya Ghoshal, with Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna making appearances. The music is composed by Rockstar DSP (Devi Sri Prasad), while the lyrics are penned by Chandra Bose. This second single from “Pushpa 2” can now be found on the T-Series YouTube Channel. The song speaks of a powerful man who is hungry for success and recognition. He’s compared to a flame and a bunch of flowers, symbolizing his strength and beauty. Despite his outward success, he hides his inner struggles. He’s like a king, known for his grandeur, yet simplicity is enough for him. The lyrics describe his dominance and control, even in challenging situations. Ultimately, having such a strong partner makes a queen unnecessary. Get Sooseki Song Information

Sooseki Lyrics English Meaning

He’s a man of value, Everyone knows it, No matter how many there are,, The one who’s always hungry is mine.
He’s not just any man, He claims the town, Just as i thought, He’s my king.
Oh… if i say anything,, There’s butter in my heart, Even if there’s a snake in the night,, Only my lord knows more than me.
Like the flame of fire,, That’s how my lord is, Like a bunch of flowers in the field,, That’s how my lord is.
In the fields of yerrabadda,, You know the anger, Even though i’ve hidden it in my eyes,, Only i know the pain.
Even though i’m holding back the anger,, Only i know the sorrow, Even though i’m being embraced by the storm,, Only i know the silence.
In the midst of a storm, sarasara sarasara,, You know the rustle, In the silent night, cheri in the midst of the night,, Only sreevalli knows the pain.
Like the flame of fire,, That’s how my lord is, Like a handful of flowers,, That’s how my lord is.
With great, great rewards,, The king bestows gifts, But for me, only me,, The poor man is enough.
He may do big, big things,, But the one with the jackfruit is the king, Wherever his eyes land,, He sets his trap.
If someone tries to go outside,, His guards will find them, Without even looking back at me,, They’ll leave to their fate, sree’s guards.
Like the flame of fire,, That’s how my lord is, If you have such a good husband,, Who needs a queen?.
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Sooseki Lyrics - Pushpa 2 (Telugu)

Sooseki Song Info:

Song: Sooseki
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