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Coffee Lyrics by Maani Bhat ft. Rinku Chautala is latest Haryanvi song with music given by Happy. While Coffee song lyrics are written by Maani Bhat and featuring artists are Maani Bhat, Khushi Baliyan and video is released by Dollar Music. Get Coffee Song Information

Kade coffe pe bulaya karo haye, Kade coffe pe bulaya karo, Message pe jee na bhare, Call video milaya karo, Haye call video milaya karo.
Ghani khush rakhe ram ji tanne, Ghani khush rakhe ram ji tanne, Coffee cufee main na peeni, Chaa gud ki pila de manne, Haye chaa gud ki pila de manne.
Manne shopping karaya karo haye, Manne shopping karaya karo, Aap ghumo kali thar mein, Kade manne bhi ghumaya karo, Haye kade manne bhi ghumaya karo.
Suit online mangave tu, Haye online mangave tu, Aaye din jaave parlour, Ghnae kharche karave tu, Haye ghnae kharche karave tu.
Dora pair mien kala se, Haye dora pair mien kala se, Sharukh te bhi andy laage tu, Salmaan te bhi pyara se, Haye salmaan te bhi pyara se.
Maani ji kehke bulawe tu, Haye ji ji kehke bulave tu, Pariya te pyari laage tu, Mera dil dhadkave tu, Haye mera dil dhadkave tu.
Written by: Maani Bhat
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Coffee Lyrics Maani Bhat | Rinku Chautala

Coffee Song Info:

Song: Coffee
Singer(s): Maani Bhat, Rinku Chautala
Musician(s): Happy
Lyricist(s): Maani Bhat
Cast: Khushi Baliyan, Maani Bhat
Label(©): Dollar Music
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