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Goat Vs. Moose Lyrics has sung by Sunny Malton. The music of this song given by Byg Byrd and Goat Vs. Moose song Lyrics are written by Sunny Malton. Get Goat Vs. Moose Song Information

Goat Vs. Moose - Sunny Malton

Byg byrd on the beat!, Brown boys baby!.
It’s like i am back baby, I do what i choose, When you the goat, You ain’t ever gotta worry, About a moose.
How you bite the hands that feeds you, Shit got me confused, Call animal control, We got a moose on the loose.
I got screws loose p**sy, But i ain’t finna loose, How you tupac p**sy, When me i got the juice.
I’m taking shots at your roof, I’m bout to turn it into a coupe, The difference is i ain’t with the cops, When i shoot.
With that ak47 bout to send, You up to heaven, Mac 10 or mac 11 got a arena of weapon, Sending shots up to your section, Gurantee you learn your lesson, Smith and weapon rip you enter, Get yourself a reverned.
I ain’t champagne papi, I’m a shareaam papi, If snitches get stiches then, Why you moving like tekashi, Tell your homie 69 you cause, You moving like a fassy, You bull winkle moose but fuck it, I ain’t rocky.
But i’m balboa baby, Hold you up for ransom, I called you for my money, But you ain’t have a answer, So high put you on, Issa jatt been the anthem, Justr listen moose moose, You ain’t have had a panthom.
All i do is make dollar, You don’t make no sense, Take you on a death route, When it gets intense, Are you gods son or devil, Stop being on the fence, If you a bad fella, Why you got cops at your event.
You had 11 homies, What happened to those friends, You’ve been shaking everybody, It’s become a trend, What’s gone happen in the end, You gona get your neck shot, Pull up to your pind, All you see is red dots, Leg shot head shot, You gonna see his head drop.
P**Sy think he pac just, Because watched gridlocked, Self proclaimed legend men, You better go and kick rocks, And tell the kidd to suck it like, I’m motherfuckin x-pac, Me and moose different man, I live what i preach, I say fuck the police, He actually fuck the poilice, We putt you on your feet, We was tryna see you eat.
We took you to the top, You tryna take us to defeat, It’s the don dada maltana get it capeesh, How you rappers do the most, But your car is a lease, I got people talking about me, But we don’t even speak, Name one brown rapper, Really rapping like me, Fuck fuck fuck all these artists, All of them are targets.
Put them on the curb cause, All of them are garbage, When it comes to money, All these brown rappers starving, Your girls give me brains, Why you think i got knowledge, Brown boy the family, Can’t nobody harm me, We ain’t like the industry, We don’t need an army, We just bring the fire, To your speakers, Call it garmi.
What these singers playing, Dress up like they barbie, You thought you fly, You was moving real sly, On instagram live, Telling lie after lie, You was mentioning my name, So somebody gotta die, If it’s beef then i’m blind, Because it’s eye for an eye.
Hold up wait a minute, Let me breathe for second, I don’t know what’s faker, You or your weapon, And yeah you getting real views, But some of them are fake too, But claiming that they all real, Is something that a fake do, It’s not that just hate you, Its just that, I don’t rate you.
And we could talk abot alote, But i ain’t finna snake you, I ain’t saying we made you, But fuck it man we made you, Now tell me would you ever go to work, If you ain’t paid you, We ain’t finna talk about the bad, That got your teeth fixed, Dentist called me up, I told him fuck it man, Just keep it.
We ain’t finna talk about us teaching you, That street shit, Been taken for granted too many times, I’m liam neeson, Byrd switched the beat up man, It’s sounding like a remix, All these kids about be like, ‘Ouu’ when they hear this, We don’t do what you do, Because you go and steal shit, Point being baby, We ain’t never made excuses.
I’m the bad guy, The villin ain’t tryna be the hero, Ice on my neck got me frozen, Sub zero you werod, I’m about to take off like a migo, It’s ironic that the doctor, Needs a cure for his ego.
Alright enough’s enough’s, I’m calling your bluff, They say light camera action, You start acting up, In reality we know, You ain’t knuckling up, Because when the ride gets bumpy, You start buckling up, This is goat vs. moose and you know, That the boy done, Watch that boy run watch that boy run.
This is goat vs. moose, And that the boy done, Fuck he about to do, Shoot me with his toy gun.
Perfect! .
Written by: Sunny Malton
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Goat Vs. Moose Lyrics - Sunny Malton | Byg Byrd

Goat Vs. Moose Song Info:

Song: Goat Vs. Moose
Singer(s): Sunny Malton
Musician(s): Byg Byrd
Lyricist(s): Sunny Malton
Label(©): Brown Boys Records
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