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I Wonder Lyrics from the album “Hope On The Street Vol.1” is a fresh Korean track performed by J-Hope and JungKook (JK). The music is composed by J-Hope of BTS, with lyrics written by both J-Hope and Jung Kook. The music video has been officially released by BIGHIT MUSIC. Get I Wonder Song Information

I Wonder Lyrics

I wonder…, I wonder everything about us.
Tell me what we do, I wonder what we’ll be like, Eotteon moseupiljido, And how we be livin’ our lives.
Sewol-Ui yasok ape, Byeonhameomneunjido , Mireonhage gunggeumhae, (I wonder everything about us).
Salm-Ui kkeutjajak hwangboneul jeophaedo, Gidae-Eopsi majuhae love that yourz, Jeonghaejin dabeun geujeo eopsko, Yeollyeolhi dangdanghage muji-ui gobaek jung.
Chiryulhage salatdeon mankeum, Drawing a perfect you and i, Uri saekchaeneun tturyeothanikkan, So i wonder and i wanna.
And i wonder wonder wonder wonder, Where we’ll go (where we’ll go), ‘Cause i wanna wanna wanna wanna, Keep you close (keep you close), There’s a hundred million maybes but, I gotta know (gotta know), We could keep it alive for life.
This love right now, It’s all we got all we need, We’re happy right now, So why don’t we ride this feeling?, Just dance right now, But don’t you stop lookin’ forward, Just enjoy it this love, We can keep forever falling.
Written by: Jhope,Jungkook
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Hope On The Street Vol.1

I Wonder Song Info:

Song: I Wonder
Album: Hope On The Street Vol.1
Singer(s): Jhope, Jung Kook
Musician(s): Jhope
Lyricist(s): Jhope, Jungkook
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