Notorious Desi Lyrics – Ndee Kundu

“Notorious Desi Lyrics” is the latest Haryanvi song performed by Ndee Kundu, featuring Sakshi Sharma. The music for this vibrant track is provided by Shine, and the composition is credited to Neer Katesra. The lyrics for “Notorious Desi” are skillfully written by Neer Katesra. The music video is directed by Hitesh Arora and has been released by White Hill Dhaakad, adding visual flair to this energetic Haryanvi musical piece. Get Notorious Desi Song Information

Notorious Desi Lyrics - Ndee Kundu

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Written by: Neer Katesra
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Notorious Desi Lyrics - Ndee Kundu

Notorious Desi Song Info:

Song: Notorious Desi
Singer(s): Ndee Kundu
Musician(s): Shine
Lyricist(s): Neer Katesra
Cast: Ndee Kundu, Sakshi Sharma
Label(©): White Hill Dhaakad
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