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Sweet Sounds Of Heaven Lyrics from Hackney Diamonds album: is latest English song sung by The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder with music is given by Andrew Watt while song lyrics are written by Keith Richards, Mick Jagger. Sweet Sounds Of Heaven Song Lyrics Meaning also available here. Get Sweet Sounds Of Heaven Song Information

Sweet Sounds Of Heaven Lyrics Meaning

Verse 1: the mention of “heaven” and its sweet sounds falling to earth symbolizes a connection between the divine and earthly existence. it may reflect a desire for a heavenly presence or guidance in our lives..
Verse 2: bless the father bless the son” implies seeking blessings and protection from a higher power. the imagery of drums echoing through the valley may signify a call to spirituality or a deeper sense of purpose..
Verse 3: the plea to ensure no one goes hungry and to protect from pain and hurt emphasizes compassion, kindness, and a wish for a better world where suffering is alleviated..
Verse 4: the sweet scents of heaven could symbolize the presence of grace or divine influence in our lives, bringing comfort and peace..
Verse 5: the sweet sounds of children praising the land of their birth might signify innocence, hope, and the importance of gratitude for life’s blessings..
Verse 6: the rejection of negativity and a determination to find joy, nourishment, and fulfillment (“eat the bread, drink the wine”) reflects resilience and a positive outlook even in challenging times..
Verse 7: the juxtaposition of light and shadow suggests the balance between good and bad, or joy and sorrow. it may convey the idea that experiencing challenges allows us to appreciate the brighter moments in life..
Verse 8: the desire to be drenched in the rain of heavenly love symbolizes a thirst for divine affection and a longing for spiritual fulfillment..
Verse 9: encouraging the celebration of music and expressing oneself implies finding joy and unity in communal experiences, like music, as a form of spiritual expression..
Verse 10: acknowledging the heat of the sun and urging everyone to stand up proudly might signify embracing life’s challenges and finding strength in unity and collective action..
Chorus: the repetition of “sweet sweet sound” and “heaven heaven” emphasizes the longing for a beautiful and positive spiritual experience, echoing throughout existence, bringing hope and comfort. the idea of sounds falling to earth could signify a desire for divine influence and guidance in our lives..
Written by: Mick Jagger,Keith Richards

Sweet Sounds Of Heaven Lyrics

I Hear The Sweet Sweet Sounds Of Heaven, Falling Down Falling Down To This Earth, I Hear The Sweet Sweetest Sounds Of Heaven, Drifting Down Drifting Down To This Earth, Bless The Father Bless The Son, Hear The Sound Of The Drums, As It Echoes Through The Valley And It Bursts Yeah, Let No Woman Or Child Go Hungry Tonight, Please Protect Us From The Pain And The Hurt Yeah|
I Smell The Sweet Scents Sweet, Sweet Scents Of Heaven Heaven, Coming Down Coming Down, Coming Down To The Earth Oh|
I Hear The Sweet Sounds Sweet Sounds, The Sweet Sounds Ooh, The Sweet Sounds Of Children, And They’re Praising Praising, The Land Of Their Birth|
No No I’m Not Not Going To Hell, In Some Dusty Motel, And I’m Not Not Going Down, In The Dirt Yes Yes Yes, I’m Gonna Laugh I’m Gonna Laugh, I’m Gonna Cry I’m Gonna Cry, Eat The Bread Drink The Wine, ‘Cause I’m Finally Finally Quenching My Thirst Yeah|
You Can’t Have A Light Without A Little Shadow Yeah, Always Need A Target For Your Bow And Arrow, I Want To Be Drenched In The Rain, Of Your Heavenly Love Oh Yeah Come on|
Let The Music Let The Music, Play Loud Play Loud, Let It Burst Let It Burst, Through The Clouds Through The Clouds|
And We All Feel The Heat, Of The Sun Yeah, Yeah Let Us Sing, Let Us Shout Let Us Shout, Let Us All Stand Up Proud, Let The Old Still Believe, That They’re Young Yeah|
Sweet Sweet Sound, Sounds So Sweet Oh So Sweet, Sounds So Sweet So Sweet, Heaven Heaven, Down Falling Down, Falling Down To This Earth|
लेखक: Mick Jagger,Keith Richards
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Sweet Sounds Of Heaven Lyrics - The Rolling Stones | Lady Gaga

Sweet Sounds Of Heaven Song Info:

Song: Sweet Sounds Of Heaven
Album: Hackney Diamonds
Singer(s): The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder
Musician(s): Andrew Watt
Lyricist(s): Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
Label(©): The Rolling Stones
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